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"Even the insurance adjusters that stopped by could not believe the results..."

Friday the 14th of April 2006 brought Indianapolis the biggest hail storm in recent history. This hail storm, unlike others in past years, struck 90% of the city. In previous years we at Auto Dynamics Collision Repair have shied away from conventional hail repair because of its unpredictable results. We also had not partnered with paintless dent repair companies primarily because of the unfavorable results we had seen. However this year was different, the size of the area and the severity of damage made it a necessity to get involved with a PDR team, and most of our DRP partners were requiring it.

We quickly made arrangements with some of our DRP partners to have drive thru claims at our facility. With this, several PDR brokers showed up and talked about what they could do — talk does not impress me. After a couple of days with no technicians pushing dents I got fed up and called Gary Cornewell who had stopped by a few days earlier. Gary came in that afternoon and started pushing dents immediately! The vehicles he started with had the most severe hail damage; literally many of the dents were ½ inch deep and 2 ½ inches in diameter. We could not believe the results and the speed at which he could work.
Gary called the rest of his team in to build a dent pushing assembly line. Within a couple of days we had 5 technicians pushing dents. For the next 5 months we ran an incredible number of vehicles through the shop. Most of these were late model high end vehicles including several with aluminum panels and one black all aluminum Audi A8 with damage to every panel. Even the insurance adjusters that stopped by could not believe the results Storm Dent Repair were capable of. This partnership was a win for all involved.
To sum up our experience with Gary Cornewell and his company, Storm Dent Repair, is beyond what we ever anticipated a PDR technician could do. Simply perfection.
We highly recommend Storm Dent Repair for your Paintless Dent Repair needs.

Bob Grimmett, President
Auto Dynamics Collision Repair


"Storm Dent Repair is consistently showing us strong aspirations to thrive in the paintless dent repair industry..."

As a body shop we have seen many paintless dent repair companies that do not even come close to the quality and service we have received from Storm Dent Repair specialists. Every job is done professionally and they are great to work with on a customer level. Storm Dent Repair is consistently showing us strong aspirations to thrive in the paintless dent repair industry. We only use the best. That's why Storm Dent Repair is the only paintless dent repair specialists we use and highly recommend to everyone.

Robert Murray, Body Shop Manager
Harbor GMC Trucks


"Our company's experience with Storm Dent Repair was exceedingly positive..."

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Storm Dent Repair, Inc. Their services were retained after Indianapolis experienced a severe hailstorm in April of 2006.

Our company's experience with Storm Dent Repair was exceedingly positive. The owner, Gary Cornewell, is a goal-oriented, project minded individual who can effortlessly assimilate his employees into a pre-existing team environment with ease. They exhibited excellent workmanship on over 100 automobiles to original pre-loss condition, while displaying a superior quality of work and topnotch efficiency. He and his team even assisted with other repairs during this hectic time enabling customers to save time and money.

We would highly recommend Storm Dent Repair for their dedication to quality, knowledgeable and experienced team members, and devotion to customer satisfaction.

Dick Cobb
Chief Operations Officer
Collision Solutions